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A Denizli based company FUNIKA Teknoloji A.Ş. has invented a hybrid heating material called HIM to generate high heating energy using with low electricity.


This new material is a chemical compound of many organic and inorganic materials so that it substitutes resistance wires used to convert electricity to heating energy to heat air, water or oil.


It can be used in many areas such as;


- heating homes and offices,

- heating air, water or oil,

- in electrical appliances using resistance wires, bars or plates,

- to generate steam etc...


It is estimated that it will save 1 trilyon USD worth of energy per year considering all home, office and industrial use in the world.


The official report has been given by Energy Dept. of Muğla University on 20th Feb. 2008 stating that coefficient of performance  (COP) of HIM is 2.25 times more than standart resistance wires.


This obtained results have great potential to create important changes in heat industry.